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Another tried and tested pay-and-play casino by Slotsband, Ninja casino is one of those user-friendly and offers a lot to explore. Not like other casinos, players do not need to register and send documents for them to start nor withdraw their winnings. A player only needs to deposit through his/her BankID and it’s ready to go. 

Why play at Ninja Casino?

Going through why Ninja is recommended by Slotsband, it is an online casino made by casino players for casino players and here’s a list of attributes for players to know:


Playing in casinos online sometimes gets so frustrating and annoying when they, casinos, ask for documents such as personal identification, latest proof of billing where they could see the full name of the player and his/her address and even bank statement at some point just for the player to play or later on, to withdraw. For some players, even making a profile and filling up the information needed is already a red flag. So as mentioned in the first part, Ninja is a pay-and-play casino. There will be no need to fill up anything. It’s only one deposit away for the player to have his own account in Ninja.


Once the player clicks the cash out, they will see their funds credited in their bank account within 5 minutes of withdrawal. This speedy withdrawal has never failed a single player since Ninja has been released. And for Slotsband, maybe this is why the casino is called Ninja, because of their fast deposit and also breakneck speed withdrawal, very ninja moves, right?!

Even though this is a pay-and-play casino, Ninja also offers the safety and convenience of letting the players leave their funds and just log back in with their BankID if the players just want to take a little break and not want to withdraw just yet. 


Expeditious customer support in Ninja Casino is available in Finnish, English, Russian and Estonian languages. Although Live chat support is only available from 11:00 to 01:00 CET everyday, they are still reachable via email. Players can also find information regarding their account, deposits and withdrawal, and bonuses in Ninja’s Customer Support Centre.


Because Ninja Casino is made by casino players for casino players, they genuinely have thought of how they could make online gaming in the most convenient way. Unlike most casinos that players tend to use a browser and type the whole casino website, Ninja Casino provides a handy app which the players could use for faster and better gaming.


Ninja provides different kinds of promotion in different sections such as Ninja Treasure, Casino Promos and Sports Promos. 

Ninja Treasures

“Search for treasures like a ninja” concept of promotion, Ninja renders everyday treasure chest to players with valuable free spins, bonuses and prizes. With this promo, they offer players to deposit a certain amount and they, Ninja, will match it with free spins.  Fair enough with matching the fund with free spins, the wagering requirement for the free spins is only 9x. 

Casino Promos

One of the casino promotions is the Seasonal Offer with thousands of euros as total prize pool and bonus money. Players have the chance to win thousands of euros, bonus money and lots of free spins within a certain period of time, which is normally some weeks. There are also sub-campaigns that run simultaneously with this offer and also weekly raffle prizes. For the player to participate in the campaign, they would have to register their emails for Ninja to contact them. 

Another casino promotion is the Daily Free Spins Rewards. This offer is set for players for them to collect certain points at a certain number of days by playing slots, and when the players reach a certain percentage, Ninja will reimburse it with designated free spins as their way of thanking the players. 

There is, of course, the Drops and Wins where players have a chance to win cash prizes. Weekly tournaments and daily prize drops  present a thrilling event for four weeks at a time. Needless to say, this kind of promotion has selected games to play on for the players to gain points for the tournaments, so remember to check the selected games for a chance to be one of the winners who will chance in the massive thousands of euros x bet multiplier from the weekly prize pool. Same rules apply for the daily prize drops, only difference is that, well, it’s daily! 

Sports Promotions

Having the best offers and promotions at the casino section as Ninja’s way to thank their beloved players, they also give enormously generous offers and bonuses in the sports world. One of these is the welcome bonus in sports betting of 200% for a maximum deposit of 30 euros and a maximum of 10x for rolling it over depending on how much the player has deposited. With this kind of welcome bonus, players are granted to enjoy the sports adventure in a top-notch way. 

As might be expected, the seasonal promotion is also present in the sports section giving the players a chance to win an extravagant amount of cash, bonus money and thousands of free spins. Sub-campaigns and so amazing cashback offers also accompany this seasonal promotion to make it even more exciting and more reasons for the players to participate. The players only have to register their email if they want to participate in the campaign so that Ninja can contact them.

Ninja’s offers and promotions have so many varieties because as their introduction, Ninja Casino is made by casino players for casino players. They know exactly what kind of rewards, promotions, offers and bonuses players want to have and so they switch and replace the offers once in a while to give the players the satisfaction and adventure they deserve. Some offers are for a certain period of time and some are indefinite. 

Slotsband plays in Ninja Casino once in a while in his stream, so if you want to know more and see how easy it is to use or just simply want to watch and chat with him and with his community on live stream, you can visit and follow at Trovo is a live stream platform, it is free, easy to use and is available in App Store, Google Play and Android APK.

You can also check some of the big win videos that Slotsband has gotten through his streaming adventure at his Youtube channel, simply click the link and subscribe! For follow up events, stream schedules, betting advices, casino recommendation and big win pictures, you can join Slotsband’s Discord community at

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